120 g Home-made brawn with vinegar and onion 3,90 €
100 g Beer cheese, spring onion, beer foam, mustard, garlic, toast 4,90 €
100 g Pickled camembert style cheese 4,50 €
120 g "Utopenec" - pickled sausage with chilli peppers, spring onion and garlic 3,90 €
120 g Pork aspic with fine knuckle 5,50 €
100 g Homemade liptov cheese spread 3,90 €
100 g Pork crackling spread 4,70 €
100 g Blue cheese spread 4,20 €
100 g Homemade beer pâtè from fine beef, pork and liver 4,80 €
240 g Sausage plate for two - fine hungarian sausage, pepper roast beef, dried ham, smoked tongue, pork crackling spread 11,90 €
240 g Cheese plate - pickled white mould cheese, Romadur, paladin edelpilz, diplomat with truffle, mountain cheese, sheep cheese spread 10,90 €
100 g Steak Tartar - finely chopped beef sirloin 12,90 €
200 g Double Steak Tartar - finely chopped beef sirloin 24,90 €

A1 cereals containing gluten, A2 crustacean and products containing crustacean, A3 eggs and products containing eggs, A4 fish and products containing fish, A5 peanuts and products containing peanuts, A6 soya and products containig soya, A7 milk and products containing milk, A8 nuts and products containig nuts, A9celery and products containig celery, A10 mustard and products containing mustard, A11 sesame and products containing sesame, A12 sulfur dioxide, A13 lupine and products containing lupine, A14 mollusc and products containing mollusc